Japanese volleyball coach slaps teenager thirteen times

Remember that video of Rutgers coach Mike Rice? The one where he pushes players, throws basketballs at them? Yea, well, this is 100x worse. In this video, a Japanese volleyball coach slaps a teenager thirteen times in front of the team. Not a gentle slap mind you. Full blown wind-ups from the hip.

WARNING: This is brutal and might make you cry.

According to the Japanese Daily Press, the 41-year-old teacher/coach also berated the high school sophomore with ““Don’t joke around, kid! Do you understand? You’re stupid!”

This all sounds pretty bad. Like a code red of sorts.

Let’s go FENN News for more on this.

But this teacher from 1996 served as the Adviser of the volleyball Club is in the past, another of members slapped the talk the school was also. Men’s volleyball portion of the body Hamamatsu day high school, said that powerhouse schools competed experience there is also national convention.

WHAT. THE. HELL. The Google translation of that webpage is as comical as the Taiwanese reenactments.

Something, corporal punishment, something, volleyball, something, Japanese porn.

I don’t even remember what this post was about anymore.