Dude Goes Thug Life All Over Judge Judy In The Best Clip You’ll See Today



That musty old clap rap known as Judge Judy is easily the most insufferable person on daytime television, and it’s not even close.

This might sound awful, but if she were to fall down in the shower and crack her old lady hip I wouldn’t be sad to find out she didn’t have her life alert beeper. Like, the thought of her sitting there for a few hours (days?) in distress, that is somewhat comforting for me.

So when this dude takes to Judge Judy to awkwardly tell her that they’ve had sex, and she birthed his child, his child born out of wedlock…well she reacts with the expected levels of a person who feels like she’s owed something by any person who’s younger than her. The fact that she’s a judge only exaggerates how shitty of a woman she is.

If she wasn’t a judge she’d still be one of those awful people who screamed at toddlers on busses for not giving up their seats quickly enough to the elderly. That’s who Judge Judy is. But this guy’s not having it, not at all.

Did I mention that I can’t fucking stand Judge Judy?


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