Katy Perry busts out the cleavage for Kids’ Choice Awards

If there’s one thing kids love, it’s toys—and boobs. Did I say boobs? Katy Perry busted out the ladies at the Kids’ Choice Awards this weekend on Nickelodeon. She’s a great American isn’t she?


Perry happily accepted the award for Favorite Female Singer and Favorite Female Boobs. One of those is made up.

What’s not made up is a bunch of kids breaking a barrier and falling when Perry went on stage.

Best part of that whole thing was the reaction from those in the front row.


But back to Katy Perry’s boobs—some guy onstage tried getting all snuggly with them. Katy wasn’t having it.


Can’t say I blame the fella. I’ve wanted to get all cuddly with her boobs for years now. Unfortunately, stalking and all…