Keith Olbermann channels his inner James Brown, eviscerates Ray Rice and the NFL

James Brown’s anthem ‘This is a man’s world’ has never rang more true in the NFL than when NFL commissioner Roger Goodell handed down a pathetic two-game suspension to Baltimore running-back Ray Rice.

TMZ Sports

Two games. TWO GAMES. For beating his wife to a pulp and dragging what appeared to be her lifeless body out of an elevator. Two games.

Keith Olbermann took the NFL, Rice, and Goodell to task last night in the video below. Watch it and meet me down below…

Hey Baltimore, why aren’t you getting loud about this? Oh wait, that longstanding history of sheltering and supporting murderers and wife beaters on the Ravens is still alive? But Baltimore’s not even the problem here, the problem is that the NFL has now publicly stated that stepping on another player’s head (whilst wearing a helmet) is 2.5x WORSE than beating your wife to an unconscious bloody pulp. That wife he swore an oath to protect under the eyes of his god, of inherently less worth than another player’s helmet.

So what do we do? Boycott Ravens games? No chance in hell that’ll ever happen. 16 games a year, nobody’s missing those. Instead we’ll be forced to watch a month of the NFL players dressed in pink, for a good cause, but who’s funds go to one of the worst and most corrupt charities operating today.

I’m sorry, this is just a rant, but I don’t know what else to say here other than f*ck the NFL for setting back equality a solid 15 years with one offensively small suspension. But I think we all know what Olbermann was getting at in his epic rant above.


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