GIFterpiece Theatre: Khaleesi says ‘Deal With It’

This amazing Khaleesi ‘Deal with it’ leads tonight’s edition of GIFs. Also, I love her.

Welcome to GIFterpiece Theatre–Guyism’s daily installment of the internet’s best GIFs. Check out some of our favorites from the world of celebs, TV, sports and humor.

15 This is a carrot kicking a donut in the crotch

14 Speaking of women I love—Natalie Portman

13 We are all this young lad

12 Smooth

11 Today in awkward high fives

10 Yea, white people, amirite?

9 That serial killer look

8 So boss

7 Randy’s Donuts looks good

6 Shot by the magic bullet

5 Going all out for a home run

4 Swag fellas

3 I imagine this is what Coachella’s like

2 Ah, poor Lochte, he’s so confused

1 Best way to tell somebody to kiss your ass?