‘Killer Rack’ — a flick about mutant breasts — is $20K away from becoming a reality

Killer Rack movie

via Kickstarter


Killer Rack is a “screwball comedy about Betty, who discovers her new breast implants are monsters hell bent on world domination.”

Directed by author and filmmaker Gregory Lamberson, and written by actor Paul McGinnis, their goal is a lofty one — “create nothing short of a cult comedy classic, one that will be celebrated by comedy lovers for years to come regardless of their interest in horror films. We have no intention of a making a crap film!” Killer Rack will be the Citizen Kane of tit flicks.

Of course, every filmmaker needs cash, so the pair have gone to Kickstarter with their pleas for money.

We need $25,000 to make this movie. That probably doesn’t sound like a lot to a layman, but DRY BONES cost $15,000 and has excellent production values. We can make a damn good film for this money – but we need your help. And because New York State has the most aggressive tax incentive program in the country, we stand to make back up to 40% of our qualified costs.

Ummm, $25,000 probably sounds like a lot to anyone, especially people not interested in creating a flick about tits that want to conquer the world. The campaign has raised $5,061 so far, from 72 backers, but time is running out.

In case you’re on the fence about backing Killer Rack, check out some of the concept art below.




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