King Joffrey is absolutely hateable in real life, too

Jack Gleeson is probably a totally fine kid just trying to live his life and go to college. But photos posted to Reddit’s Game of Thrones subsection make him seem just about as d-baggy in real life as he is on the HBO show.


The photo, taken at the Dublin Ball in Ireland where Gleeson goes to school, were posted last night by the girl to the right of the hit show’s star.

“[H]e’s a gent,” she said when asked by another Redditor how the actor who plays Joffrey was as a person.

But, as Uproxx points out, look at that askew cigarette and who-gives-a-fuck stance. He may be the world’s greatest guy but man is he just hard to look at.

Give me a real substantive reason to like you, Jack. The lines of reality and fiction are getting far too blurry. If there were a dude in a dragon suit at this ball, my head might actually explode.