Krusty Krab leaves Bikini Bottom and becomes restaurant in real life

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Krusty Krab IRL


Spongebob lovers rejoice, the Krusty Krab is becoming a restaurant in real life! Who wants a Big Macs when you could have a Double Krabby Patty with Sea Cheese, Kelp Rings, and a Seafoam Soda?!

*Krusty Krab started from Bikini Bottom now it’s here.*

Unfortunately “here” isn’t really here. Contrary to popular belief, USA doesn’t dominate the fast food world, and the IRL Krusty Krab is being built in Ramallah, Palestine. It’s a mere 15-hour, $1,600 flight from Chicago though, so expect to see me there on opening day.



Going through their Facebook page photos, to which I was pointed by an adult Spongebob fan, it’s clear that they’re determined to make the place as authentic as possible. They nailed the building shape, the flags on the roof, and even the giant netting over the otherwise beautiful windows.

It remains to be seen if the menu will be the same, but the real life Krusty Krab is listed as a seafood restaurant so there’s a good chance it will. Footlong Salty Sea Dogs and Kelp Shakes for everyone! Throw in a side of Coral Bits and you’ve got yourself a delicious and nutritious meal.

This isn’t the first fictional restaurant to go mainstream let alone the only Krusty establishment. The Simpsons‘ Krusty Burger opened at Universal Orlando last summer. That’s a little different than opening a stand alone Krusty Krab in the middle of Palestine though. It also means I’ll have to remove the Krabby Patty from my list of Best Fictional Burgers now that it actually exists.

There’s only one way to properly celebrate this monumental human achievment, and that’s by dancing. It only makes sense to throw on the greatest song ever written about stackin’ Krabby Patties, “Cat Daddy” by The Rej3ctz.

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