Ladies: If Your Man Proposes To You On A Boat, Do NOT React Like This

Bros, if you’re ever thinking about proposing to your gf then you better make damn sure you don’t do it on a tiny, crowded paddleboat in the middle of a river.

Couldn’t she just have said no?!?! Did it really have to come to this?!

No news on whether or not they found the ring, but in knee deep river water I’m guessing they didn’t. Water that shallow is moving anything across the bottom of the river pretty swiftly. If it’s not a rock embedded in the river bed it’s moving along down the river.

Again I say: ladies do NOT do this, do this opposite of this, don’t freak out. Not like this girl…

Just look at the face on that bro, the face of “what the fuck just happened, how much money just went down the river?!?!”

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