Girls basketball coach fired after Facebook boob grab photo goes viral

A high school girls’ basketball coach in Idaho was fired after she posted this innocent photo to Facebook. A photo in which her boyfriend playfully grabs her boob. The two were on vacation at the time.

Facebook via KIDK

Laraine Cook says she posted the picture in the summer but quickly removed it. Months later it was sent anonymously to district officials for Pocatello High School. Cook believes that a fan/coach from a rival school is responsible.

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Parents of girls on the team tried to get Cook reinstated but the district held their ground. Cook has since hired an attorney.

And now we come to the unbelievable part of this story. The man in the picture is Tom Harrison, a head football coach at the same school. He was not fired for the incident but rather, “reprimanded.”

What kind of self-righteous BS is this? Complete nonsense. I mean, nobody should have been fired here. I think anybody with a functioning brain knows that. But firing the woman reeks of sexist stupidity. You’re doing things wrong Idaho, stop it.

Thanks to Guyism reader @ccronlife for passing this along.