‘Let’s Get Social’ is the perfect background music for the escalator trip down to hell

This song was performed at the 2014 Social Media Marketing World convention last month. It’s also favorited on the Devil’s Spotify account.

Poor Mary McCoy. First, she was convinced by some jokester that she could sing, then she was enlisted to belt out a song to get a conference room full of online media marketers wet in the shorts by singing a song about all the things people hate about social media. Sorry. All the things people LOOOOVVEEE about social media.

Lucky for her, online media marketers are fucking crazy. Certified party animals.

“My cat. My kids. My bacon.” A human being jotted those lines down on a piece of paper with the thought “these would make good lyrics.”

Is the rap the worst part? Are the lyrics the worst part? Is the fact I’ve listened to it three times the worst part? Is the fact I’m sharing a song about social media the worst part?

I just don’t know.

‘Let’s Get Social’ Is Number One with a Bullet on the Social Media Charts [The Wire]

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