LFL player delivers punishing hit, might be Ronnie Lott’s daughter

It’s hard to take the Legends Football League seriously when girls run around in panties and bras and oh my God look at this devastating hit.

The woman delivering the hit, Ashley Salerno, is the love child of Ronnie Lott and the Hulk. I’m not accusing Ronnie Lott of being gay mind you. I’m just saying he got drunk, took Hulk home, bent him over the couch and made sweet love to him. Some time later Ashley Salerno popped out of an orifice and immediately leveled someone with a forearm shiver.

As for the woman on the receiving end of the blow, well, this screencap is pretty much the worst thing ever. Drilled, lying down in pain and the creepy cameraman goes for the crotch shot.




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