Man wanted to have over 1000 kids and was well on his way before getting caught


As the father of two children, whom I adore, I have to ask this man “are you stupid?”

Mitsutoki Shigeta, a 24-year-old Japanese man, told a member of an organization that provides surrogate services “he wanted to produce between 100 and 1,000 babies.” The man already has 15 children from different mothers.

“The best thing I can do for the world is to leave many children,” Mariam Kukunashvili of New Life Global Network quoted him as saying.

Actually, the best thing he can do is STOP RIGHT NOW. Even though he might not stop, the cops and officials are trying to put an end to the crazy idea.

Thai police are investigating Shigeta for possible trafficking offences. He’s taken three babies out of the country in the past year.

This will put a cork on Shigeta’s baby maker for a while but who knows how many kids he’s fathered that the cops have no idea about.

[via The Nation]

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