Man handcuffs himself to rest stop in protest of closure because he was conceived there

Kevin Walters knows where he came from and he’s willing to fight to keep part of his history alive. The 21-year-old man is protesting to keep the Des Plaines Oasis rest stop open and his reason goes much farther than just having a hearty appreciation of greasy road food. In 1959 the rest stop was erected over the Jane Addams Memorial Tollway in Illinois to accommodate hungry truckers in need of some grub. Apparently other travelers use the rest stop to satisfy other cravings including Walters’ parents who must have felt something in the air that night 21 years ago after attending a Phil Collins concert in Chicago. The easy lovers stopped at the Des Plaines Oasis and had some sweet, sweet pop rock sex. Against all odds, Walters was conceived at this magical trucker paradise. Now Walters is protesting in an effort to preserve his lineage because the one place that gave him life, the Des Plaines Oasis, now faces death. Yes the Des Plaines Oasis is being shutdown. Sunday is the last day of business for the Des Plaines Oasis, which will be demolished so that they can widen the Addams Tollway. Walters started a one-man revolt against the closure by handcuffing himself to the rest stop. Walters said the Oasis is part of his life, and he hates to see it close. I just thank my lucky stars that the bathroom at my local Walmart will never close down and I won’t have to do through what Walters did.

Pics via Facebook of 103.9 The Fox