Elderly man becomes famous for riding massive hog around town

via China News


It’s really sad when old people lose their driver’s license. A piece of their freedom is stripped away. Unless they suck at driving. Then it’s for the best.

An elderly Chongqing man didn’t have a car, or any other way to get into town, so he rode his hog. It’s not a Harley. It’s an actual hog.

Jiang Chengyou, of the Huilong village in Dianjiang county, has been described as a “local celebrity” for his alternative transportation choice, a huge three-year-old swine which weighs more than 250 kilograms and is almost 90 centimeters tall, according to Chongqing Evening News.

Jiang has been pig farming for over 30 years. He had the idea to ride the hog after a severe bout of bronchitis.

“Riding my pig saves me a lot of energy and is also quite fun,” Jiang said.

I said that about a hundred times in college.

Elderly Chongqing man rides hogzilla through town, becomes famous [Shanghaist]

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