Guy loves McDonald’s so much he’ll do ANYTHING to get food — even ride a gurney through the drive-thru

The next time anyone claims fast food isn’t addictive, show them this video.

It’s a guy that needs his McDonald’s fix SO BAD he’ll do anything to get it — even ride a gurney to his local golden arches.

Here’s the story —

My wife and I decided to visit Fort Monroe in Hampton, VA, on our vacation. When we got to the top of the offramp, we saw this man, completely strapped to a motorized gurney, going down the sidewalk. He went to the first intersection, crossed the street to McDonalds, and ordered his food through the drive-thru window. I would love to know his story, but whatever it is, he must LOVE McDonalds!

The guy is probably in the hospital for diabetes.

[via 22 Words]

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