Meet The Japanese Version Of Boxxy—This Is Why It’s Important To ALWAYS Take Your Meds

If you’re not familiar with Boxxy, she was a caucasian girl dubbed the Queen of 4chan for her spastic videos. Enter the Japanese Boxxy, she’s poised to break the Internets with her charm.

source: reddit

I don’t speak Japanese so I couldn’t understand 95% of the things she was saying, but I do know this: if she wants, this girl probably has a HUGE future in voice acting. Her range is incredible.

That said, will someone stop feeding this fucking girl espresso already? And get her back on the damn adderall or vyvanse, whatever the hell it is that she takes?!? She needs to stop annoying that damn Shiba before it turns on her, I only see this ending poorly….

And is it so wrong that this GIF basically sums up the entire millennial generation of Japan to me?

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