Meet the man who throws parties in subway tunnels

No Your City



Gothamist is running an 8-part series called “No Your City” which chronicles the lives of some of the odd, charming, interesting and absurd people around the city which never sleeps.

In their latest video, Gothamist caught up with Aaron. Aaron hates being “binded by arbitrary laws” so instead of hanging out at with friends at bars or coffee shops, he takes his friends into abandoned buildings and subway tunnels throughout New York.

“We’ll bring a bocce ball set, lawn darts, even a poker table… a few times me and my friends would play for money on the train tracks, while the trains were going by, drinking beer and smoking cigars, pretending to be in the mob. Like totally fantastic scenes out of a movie, and no one’s there to see it but us.”

[via Gothamist]