Menswear Dog is the Internet’s most perfect Tumblr

For over a year, I wondered what’d be the best way to make men’s style content a little more interesting for the average guy. But a Tumblr called Menswear Dog — which features a handsome dog dressed up in menswear — totally figured it out.

menswear dog

Menswear Dog Tumblr

No joke, you could actually frame that picture and hang it up on a mantle. This dog is more handsome than 90% of the people I meet.

Back to the site. Menswear Dog combines pictures of the unnamed three-year-old Shiba Inu with fashionable clothes ranging from blazers to denim along with helpful pointers on from where you can get each item the Menswear Dog recommends for the outfit.

I’d much rather get my style advice from a handsome dog than an effete man with his pants rolled up like Capris any day. But that’s just me.