This tap dancing bird has more talent than you

This tap dancing seagull is an American hero

This dog could not be more ready for summer

Cody the screaming dog is a nightmare brought to life

This dog is super into Adele songs

This parakeet speaks better English than some people

This is a dog actually dancing to an Eminem song

This guy is super proud of his beer fetching dog

Brawl between chimpanzees is the most insane animal video you’ll see today

This is just a dog salsa dancing for attention in a store

Here’s a woodchuck eating a woodchuck-sized ice cream

Apparently fruit bats are super into oral sex

This is a dog eating food as if he were a person

This is a dog reenacting the ‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ opener

Chimpanzee chain smoking is my spirit animal

This dog knows it feels good to be a gangsta

Gorillas playing in leaves is your happy place

Dog drives Power Wheels better than most cab drivers

This is a ‘stoned’ cat watching hockey

Menswear Dog is the Internet’s most perfect Tumblr