Michael Jordan and his giant penis tried to take Kennedy’s virginity

MTV VJ Kennedy claims Michael Jordan tried to take her virginity during the 90s in a game of dice. She was scared because Jordan’s giant penis would leave her vagina mangled. And that folks is how you sell a tell-all book that nobody would otherwise read.

Good on you Kennedy PR people, good on you.



…she was having dinner with MJ and Russell Simmons at the Bowery Bar in NYC, when Michael broke out some dice.

Before long, Kennedy says, Jordan decided it was “time to play for something” … and said, “If I win, you come back to my hotel room with me tonight.”

Kennedy says she freaked out because she was a virgin –and imagined MJ’s giant penis would “eviscerate me from the inside out” … so she asked if they could play for Knicks tickets instead.

And that’s when Jordan allegedly reminded Kennedy he had a wife — and offered her Nets tickets as a consolation.

“Sure, he’ll filet my vag like a sea bass if he won at dice on a men’s room floor,” Kennedy writes … “but as soon as I want basketball tickets he’s a Promise Keeper? Whatevs.”

By the way Kennedy won the dice game and her hymen remained intact. It was eventually eviscerated, though not by a giant penis. Her vagina thanked her later. Her husband also thanked her for not having the whole hot dog in a hallway thing.

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