Miesha Tate wants you to participate in ‘Muffvember’

Movember: a month dedicated to men’s health. Participants grow mustaches, facial hair in support. Muffvember: something made up on the internet. Participants grow pubic hair, shape them into mustaches. Muffvember > Movember.

MMA hottie Miesha Tate tweeted this out over the weekend. We love her.


Tate’s enjoying a spectacular few days. She defeated her nemesis, Ronda Rousey, in the opening round vote for the cover on the next UFC video game. Then Fitness Gurls magazine released this photo of a bikini-clad Tate on their December cover.

Because of Ronda Rousey’s behavior on TUF, Tate has become the crowd favorite. We’ll wait to see how things pan out in December, but for right now, we’re TEAMTATE!