This is what it’s like to live for two weeks entirely under the sea

Fabien Cousteau is the grandson of famed explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau, and has been following in the family footsteps with ‘Mission 31’, a project sending divers to live under the sea.

Mission 31 has created underwater, livable habitats for humans, from which they can better survey the reefs for effects caused by climate change, global shifts, etc. One diver lived underwater (and documented it) for two weeks, giving us a glimpse into the life of an aquanaut.

Soooo, anyone else freaked the f*ck out by the fact that Goliath Groupers (which we saw last week swallow a shark whole) send out sonic booms? What is this, X-Men vs. The Little Mermaid?!


Goliath grouper swallows shark in one gulp, fishermen nearly crap themselves

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