The 8 most bizarre marijuana products on the market today

marijuana products bizarre

If you’ve been under a rock (or deep in a bong), you might have missed the news that weed is legal for consumer use in Colorado and Washington now, with more states soon to come. That means that THC-laced products of various types are on the upswing. Some of them are normal (all kinds of pot brownies), while others are… a little weird. In this feature, we’ll investigate 10 of the most bizarre stoner-friendly marijuana products on the market.

8. Weed Beef Jerky

THC, the substance that gives marijuana its pleasant properties, is essentially an oil, so anything that can absorb it is fair game. Obviously, people have been baking with marijuana and hash oil since the ’60s, but if you’re on the Paleo diet you might want something a little lower in carbs. Enter “Reef Jerky,” a new dried beef product produced by Badfish Extracts in California. Made from USDA prime beef infused with pure THC oil, each half-ounce serving pack contains 134 mg of cannabinoids, plenty to get you crunk.

7. Weed Soda Pop

weed soda pop

We love our soft drinks in America, and with the preponderance of caffeine-laced “energy drinks,” the time is more than right to go the other way with a soda pop designed to mellow you out. Canna Cola is a THC-infused beverage available in medical marijuana dispensaries. The company that produced it thought that medical marijuana should be more fun (and less smoky) to consume, so they created five different flavors including “Orange Kush” and “Grape Ape,” each with between 35 to 65 milligrams of cannabinoids.

6. Belt Buckle Pipe

One of the biggest problems with recreational weed use is taking your equipment around with you. Sure, vaporizers and one-hitters are relatively portable, but there’s still a form factor problem there. Ohio-based Buckle Puffer aims to tackle that problem with their deeply weird belt buckle that doubles as a pot pipe. Their patent pending technology immediately douses any flame when it’s put back into the belt and keeps stray pot odors from escaping. The nickel-plated aluminum construction uses neodymium magnets to ensure a rattle-free seal and the buckle comes in three styles, from the minimalist executive to the show-offy Rockstar.

5. Weed Spray

If lighting a joint or eating a pot brownie is just too much trouble for you, this California company has made getting blazed as easy as taking a squirt of breath spray. Cannabis Care developed their line of THC sprays in response to medical needs, but if powdered alcohol has shown us anything, it’s that Americans like to take shortcuts when they get messed up. The sprays are made from organically grown cannabis tops and infused into a blend of alcohol, glycerine and honey to extract the THC. The resulting liquid is packaged into a pen-like spray device that you squirt under your tongue when you need a hit.

4. Stainless Steel Gravity Bong Accessories

gravity bong

The charm of the humble gravity bong is that you can make one whenever you need to from a plastic soda bottle and a pair of scissors. But if all that hole-punching is too complex for you, A.C. Greebs makes a one-piece stainless “smoking steel” to make your bonghits easier. Made of medical grade steel, the device fits perfectly on the top of most two-liter soda containers, allowing you to streamline your nug-loading and bong-hitting process.

3. Weed Pizza

“The munchies” are no joke, friends, so why not save some time by combining your weed with a pizza? Mega iLL, a pizza shop in Vancouver, Canada, is offering THC in their pies in two different ways. For an extra $10 (assuming you have a medical marijuana card), you can get your ‘za with either cannabis-infused olive oil drizzled over the top or crumbled kush leaves as a topping. They make all of their pies with organic and local ingredients, and even have vaporizers at the tables so you can vape while you chow down.

2. Weed Pork

Okay, now we’re really just getting ridiculous. Swine rancher Jeremy Gross, inspired by Washington’s legalization of pot, decided to conduct an experiment in 2013 and see if his hogs enjoyed chowing down on pot plant waste. Pigs pick up a lot of flavor from the feed they’re given, and the chops from Gross’s pigs won raves from foodies and sold at a premium price. Obviously there’s no active THC in the meat (although scientists aren’t completely sure that it’s all metabolized out of the pig’s system before slaughter), but that doesn’t stop hungry pot-loving carnivores from signing up for a waiting list to get their hands on some.

1. Weed Coffee

weed coffee

Now that marijuana is legal in Seattle, you know some enterprising soul would find a way to mix it with coffee. Legal Beverages ups the hipster quotient by selling stubby bottles of cold brew (the dense, ready-to-drink result of steeping coffee grounds in water for an extended period) infused with pure THC extract. The result is a “powerful body buzz and a smooth, freeing head high” – you won’t get that at Starbucks. The company’s founder compares the THC load from a drink to a bottle of beer or a glass of wine, so they aren’t brain-blastingly powerful.


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Marijuana image: Paul Evans, Flickr
Weed soda image: Canna Cola
Gravity Bong image: AC Greebs
Weed coffee image: Mirth Provisions