MyScript Calculator is a calculator on your phone you need

There is nothing that sucks worse on gadgets, especially touchscreen gadgets, than the button hunt. We’ve all had to do it – look around for a button we never use because it’s the one time we need it.

MyScript Calculator

MyScript Calculator

MyScript Calculator takes that away, and actually makes using a calculator surprisingly easy. Time to remember those symbols from high school!

The calculator itself is simple. You draw the equations you want answers, and it runs the math for you and spits out the answer.

It doesn’t have a graphing function, but honestly, it’s unnecessary. I’ve had it for Android on my Nexus 7 for a while and honestly, I’ve never used a calculator that was so effortless. I did part of my taxes with this thing and it not only easily recognized my sloppy handwriting, it never missed a beat. It also worked well with the styluses I had lying around the house, a minor miracle in of itself.

It’s even witty, in its own way: You can remove mistakes by scratching them out, for example. If you find yourself doing a lot of math, or just hate poking touchscreen buttons, this is the calculator for you.

MyScript Calculator [iTunes]