New app Pixtr will Photoshop you until you’re not ugly

In a world where people can literally spend hours taking and deleting photos until they find the “perfect” one, new app Pixtr will touch up your photos for you until you’re beautiful.


Israeli founder Aviv Gadot tells Business Insider, “My wife was always grabbing my phone and deleting most of my pictures. She’s beautiful and she feels bad about how she looks in photos. That’s wrong. I wanted her to feel good about herself.”

The app automatically airbrushes photos in a quality comparable to a professional photographer. According to Gadot, the app uses facial recognition software to scan the photo and make adjustments such as slimming your nose or jawline, trimming your eyebrows, or any other photo distortion that may come up.

Pictured left is the Pixtr homepage’s example of what the app can do. If you’re so inclined, you can check out a video demo here.

The app charges $1 to export each batch of photos you want to move from the app into the real world. If you want to take it for a spin, it’s available for iOS and Android.

Is this another case of Internet deception gone too far? Or just another tool in your chest for upping your Tinder game?