If this is the future of NFL advertising, games are gonna suck real soon

Just when you thought the NFL and the networks couldn’t POSSIBLY jam another graphic onto the screen during games.

This eye-bortion.

During last night’s 49ers and Ravens game — where Ray Rice ran for 17 yards and didn’t punch any women — a massive and distracting graphic projected onto the field when either team got into the red zone. It’s the Toyota Red Zone. GET IT BECAUSE THEY’RE IN THE RED….OH PROGRESS. New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin likes to call it the green zone, so be on the look out for Green Giant ads all over Giants games. “Holy shit did the Giants sign the Jolly Green Giant to play linebacker or am I still fucking high?”

The Toyota Red Zone blew intensely.

Here’s what was going on from Deadspin:

The 49ers cut a big sponsorship deal with Toyota, and part of that means overlaying the red zone graphic on the local KPIX broadcast of preseason games. It’s not a national deal, so you won’t be seeing it during the regular season when the networks do the games. The only reason we saw it last night was because the NFL Network, broadcasting nationally, was streaming the KPIX video feed dubbed over with its own announcers.

It’s not going to be permanent unless it pulls in a boatload of cash. Then it will be on every TV across the country.

You know what would be helpful? Graphics that tell viewers which NFL star on the field was arrested and for what crimes. Actually, the TV screens aren’t big enough. Just highlight the guys WITHOUT a police record. Thxabunch.

[SB Nation via Deadspin]

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