Nightclub installs two-way mirrors so guys can peep on girls

Scottish nightclub Shimmy Club has figured this whole “objectifying women” thing out to the next level.

peeping women restroom

Women restroom image by Shutterstock

The club offers private rooms that can peep into the women’s bathroom, according to a report in Scotland’s The Express.

The paper claims that it’s seen multiple photos of young men looking at women through the mirrors as they pretty themselves up in the ladies’ room.

One female clubgoer tells the Express, “The fact that these two-way mirrors only look into the ladies’ bathrooms and not the men’s makes it clear that the intention is to sexualise women as objects, allowing men to make inappropriate gestures and leer disgustingly at them.”

That might be the most eloquent thing any club frequenter has ever said.

For what it’s worth, the club denied the allegations to the paper, denying that the rooms are available for male or mixed gender groups “for the time being.”

But if that were true, why even have two-way mirrors at all, then? Since when is “Let me stare at fellow members of my gender doing bathroom things” a key part of any girls’ night? Dumb all around.

(via Jezebel)