REMINDER! One more shot to ‘Compete with Katie’ for a $50,000 fantasy baseball prize

You may have beaten Katie in yesterday’s DraftKings competition. And since Katie loves you so much, DraftKings is upping the prizes to give you one more shot..

Guyism composite

DraftKings runs one day fantasy baseball games that let you show off your fantasy baseball skill without any of the long-term lineup setting effort. And we’re running a special game that’ll allow the TOP TWO FINISHERS of our contest to get into DraftKings’ big game on 4/12, where one guy will land a $50,000 grand prize among $150,000 in total prizes. Obviously, the chance to embarrass Katie again is just a bonus.

Go to DraftKings and put together your team in our special Guyism game now.

One added wrinkle: You can now submit TWO entries so you’ll have two shots at winning your money back and a ticket to play in DraftKings’ $150,000 game.

All entries have to be in before 7:00 PM Eastern on April 11, so get those lineups ready.

Note: This round of the “Compete with Katie” game requires a $5 entry fee to make sure you’re on the up and up. But the top 20 finishers will all get that $5 back, so if you’re vaguely competent, it’s pretty much just a breakeven shot at their $50,000 grand prize.

Sign up for the Guyism contest on DraftKings now! Katie hates quitters and would be very disappointed if you don’t try.