Bro Writes Amazon Review About Tank Top And It’s The Most Patriotic Thing We’ve Ever Read

Let it be known:

On this day, November 13th, 2014, that ‘Dave from Amazon’ has my official nomination for ‘Bro King of Amazon’ after writing the most patriotic Amazon review of all-time.

He’s a deserving recipient of this award for countless reasons, from his brilliant fashion sense, to his ability to turn a phrase in Amazon reviews.

As seen in the review above Dave goes beyond the typical call of duty when it comes to expressing his bro-feelings in an Amazon review, to the point where I’d like to hire Dave to take over for me one day when I hang up my bloggin’ pants.

So congratulations, Dave. I hope you’re looking forward to your new life as ‘Bro King of Amazon’…I know I’m certainly looking forward to many more reviews from you.


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