Pizza guy gets robbed but still delivers pizza

Delivery under any circumstance is usually the mark of the USPS, but a pizza guy showed the same fortitude after being robbed. He had his car and belongings stolen, but still managed to get the pizza to the hungry patron.

Uppercrust Pizza

Police say a Papa John’s delivery driver told investigators he got out of his black 2003 Cadillac CTS on April 9 and two men pointed revolvers at him and demanded his belongings. Police say the suspects got in the man’s car and fled the scene, and the driver walked the food to a nearby house before running to get help.

Now that’s impressive, but I’m confused about where he went running to get help. Couldn’t he have used the delivery recipient’s phone to call the cops? And why was he driving a Cadillac to deliver pizzas? Sure it was ten years old, but it still sounds fishy. I watch enough Law & Order: Criminal Intent to know that he was 100% dealing drugs out of that car.

It’s a perfect scheme. You call up Papa Johns, order one specific pizza with an obscure “additional instruction,” and you get a bag of weed delivered with your pie. It’s brilliant. Someone call Dick Wolf; I’ve got a TV show to write.

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