Planet Fitness is body-shaming people again — this time it’s a pregnant woman

Photo courtesy of Melissa Mantor


Planet Fitness is the Walmart of exercise except Walmart pisses off employees and Planet is constantly screwing with members.

First they removed “intimidating squat racks” then requested a woman cover up her bare stomach.

Today’s target — a pregnant woman.

Melissa Mantor claims she was told to “cover up or leave” a Planet Fitness last week in South Carolina. The incident has left her incredibly embarrassed and she claims she’s “not comfortable working out in public anymore — at least not for the remainder of her pregnancy.”

Mantor said she was approached by a staff member who said she was in violation of the gym’s dress code — a code, Mantor said, she was never aware of. The staff member told Mantor her “belly was hanging out,” a fact which Mantor conceded. She was about 19 weeks pregnant at the time.

Mantor isn’t looking for money — or for things to get ugly — she just wants an apology.

Melissa, I’m sorry. I’m sorry your only gym option is Planet Fitness. Because they suck.

Pregnant Mom Booted From Planet Fitness Feels ‘Broken Down to Pieces’ [ABC News]

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