What to watch tonight: ‘Under the Dome’ premiere, ‘POV’



I suggest watching hockey tonight, even if you’re not a hockey fan. You’ll thank me later, trust me.

Under the Dome @ 10pm, CBS: This miniseries is sort of based on a Stephen King novel which probably means it’s going to be freaky as hell.

Blackhawks-Bruins @ 8pm, NBC: Will the NHL season come to a conclusion tonight? The Bruins sure hope it doesn’t.

The Goodwin Games @ 8:30pm, FOX: Sure, why not, there’s nothing else on except hockey.

POV @ 10pm, PBS: Sadly, this documentary isn’t about boobs.

Jimmy Kimmel Live @ 11:37pm, ABC: Guyism favorite Amy Schumer is Jimmy’s guest tonight.

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