President BrObama Took His Shirt Off In The Water And Now Hawaii Might Name A Beach After Him

Is there anything or anywhere Obama won’t keep his grubby paws off of? Apparently after doing some bodysurfing in Oahu several City Council members are proposing to rename a popular surfing beach after the President.

Two Honolulu City Council members are proposing to rename “Sandy Beach Park” to “President Barack Obama Sandy Beach Park” after the extremely unpopular President popped his shirt off and rode some waves on his Presidential belly. Oh, did I mention that Hawaiians are really pissed about this?

Will that stop the beach from being named after President Obama? Probably not. Will it leave add to his miserable public legacy? Probably.

There’s already a petition to stop this all from happening, it’s currently at 1,432 signatures of the required 1,000 and growing every day.

But I’m interested to hear what you bros have to say about this? Should Hawaii name a beach after the President famous for smoking weed on the island? Or is it ridiculous to name it after him? Answers down below in the comments.

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