College professor fired for beard appearing on beer bottle

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The epic beer of an associate professor of sociology at Charleston Southern University got him bottled — and then canned.

Dr. Paul Roof is the proud owner of a beard so amazing, he entered it into the 2013 Beard and Moustache National Championships.

Dr. Roof didn’t win but his photo and outfit (seen above) that day caught the attention of a local beer maker. Holy City Brewing approached Dr. Roof about using his image on the bottle of their new Chucktown Follicle Brown.

Dr. Roof’s employer, a Christian college, wasn’t happy about the image. So they canned him for the bottle. Roof made the announcement on his Facebook page. Dr. Roof worked at Charleston Southern University for over 15 years. Even though the bottle image isn’t how Roof walks around all the time. In fact, unless the professor pointed it out, most people would have zero idea Roof’s bearded mug was on the label.

The Christian school fired Roof because the bottle wasn’t “representative of a Christian environment.” It didn’t matter that the beer was created as a tribute to the Holy City Beard & Moustache Society — a collective Roof founded that raised over $6,000 to a local cancer charity.

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