Purity Vodka dominates the tasteless spirits

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Vodka is best known as a flavorless spirit, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Purity Vodka takes pride in the fact that they don’t strip all of the taste out of their spirit, and what remains is damn good.

Marketing vodka is no easy task. Unless it’s advertised as flavored, everyone wants vodka to taste like nothing at all. They want to get drunk without experiencing alcohol. That’s like a bunch of teenagers starting to wear nicotine patches but never smoking. Someone over at Purity Vodka had a brilliant idea to get their name on the radar though. Prison rules.


Purity walked into the yard, in this case the New York Times, and called out the biggest guy they could find. As far as premium vodka goes, Grey Goose is the top dog. I asked Founder and Master Blender Thomas Kuuttanen why he picked them, and his answer was simple. “Most brands don’t talk about flavor. Meanwhile, Grey Goose advertises that they are ‘world’s best tasting vodka.’ It seemed like a natural choice to show what we’re doing with our spirit. We don’t have the capacity to make a dent in their sales either, so we don’t have to worry about hurting their business.”

That might be the coolest publicity stunt I’ve ever seen. Purity has the goods to back up the claim, too. Admittedly I’ve never been a fan of Grey Goose, so my blind taste test was never in doubt. I was blown away by Purity though. It is easily one of the best vodkas I’ve ever tasted. Don’t trust my word for it though. Purity has been named “Grand Master Vodka” twice in a row, the only brand to accomplish that feat.

The vodka is full-bodied, a rarity among the booze-haters’ spirit, and creamy right from the jump. It’s sweet and a little bit peppery, causing you to check the label again to ensure you’re not drinking a flavored vodka. You can actually taste the wheat in the spirit, and it tastes delicious. The small amount of spice carries all the way through to the end, where a little dash of citrus shows up just because they can. Meanwhile, Purity lives up to it’s name. It’s about as pure and clean as it gets.

I wouldn’t mix Purity Vodka with Red Bull or in your jungle juice. That’s just a waste. Even classic cocktails that need a big, bold spirit to be recognized probably wouldn’t benefit from Purity over another premium brand. While the flavor is significantly more prevalent that most of its competition, Purity is still vodka. The flavors are subtle and smooth, which is why they suggest mixing with fruit infused waters. It’s a perfect way to enjoy the spirit without losing the flavor for which you’re paying a premium.

UPDATE: It’s down to $30 so all bets are off. Use it for whatever the hell you want.

You’ll spend about $40 for a bottle of Purity Vodka thanks to their small batches, only 10% of which make the cut. The combination of winter wheat, barley, and a blend of untouched and de-ionized water is well worth the money though if you enjoy sipping vodka. If you’re a Vodka & Sprite drinker, it’s best to save your cash. If you want a vodka that truly tastes like something worth drinking, Purity is the way to go.