RateBeer for Android stops you from wondering at the liquor store

Craft beer is a wonderful thing in many, many ways, but one problem it’s created has been that moment when you’re standing in a beer aisle, dozens of selections in front of you, and you have no earthly idea what to buy. This is pretty much how national macrobrews stay in business.



So bad news for them: RateBeer has arrived on Android.

This interface with the site is designed to be on as many phones as possible: It’ll work with any Android device 1.6 or up. And admittedly it is a little glitchy; we had to reboot the app once or twice in the course of testing it out.

Otherwise, though, it’s the same craft beer website that we all know and love. The app is much, much better than trying to Google a beer or looking at RateBeer on a mobile browser. The search is pretty quick, and overall, it works surprisingly well for open-source software.

And, best of all, it’s free. Consider it a key part of your phone’s survival kit, along with the mixology app.

RateBeer [Google Play]