8 reasons it would have been great to live in the 60s

Living in the 60s

fisherkiller, Flickr

Wouldn’t you have liked to live in the 60s, or at least try it out for one glorious day? Sure, the 60s had its drawbacks like assassinations, inequality and smelly hippies with wildly unshaven bush, but there were so many awesome things about the decade as well. What do you wish you could experience from the 60s?

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8 Questioning Authority

Questioning Authority

Seattle Municipal Archives, Wikimedia Commons

The social revolution, the sexual revolution, the civil rights movement and questioning authority and your government while still loving your country… Americans were not living in a fake 1950s Disneyland existence anymore.

Photo credit: Seattle Municipal Archives, Wikimedia Commons

7 No Mobile Phones or Internet

No Mobile Phones

globochem3x1minus1, Flickr

Ah, to be unfettered by the ball and chain duo that are the Internet and your smart phone. Today, Internet addiction is so widespread that most people don’t even realize they exhibit signs of it. Back in the day, when you wanted to meet up you would just go and meet the fuck up without worrying about setting a time, asking if it was still good as it drew nearer, texting to say you’re on your way, then texting that you’re there and then finally meeting up. Life was just simpler.

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6 Free Love

Free Love

Tetsumo, Flickr

Sexually liberated women engaging in all manners of sexual expression sounds pretty awesome. Aside from the occasional Phish concert or frat party, that is nowhere to be seen nowadays.

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5 British Invasion

British Invasion

United Press International, Wikimedia Commons

The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who and so many more groundbreaking rock groups burst onto the scene or came out with landmark albums in the 60s, making the decade one of awesome and timeless music.

Photo credit: United Press International, Wikimedia Commons

4 Easy Access to Drugs


William Rafti, Wikimedia Commons

The counter culture was also a drug culture that celebrated LSD, marijuana, psychedelic music and all other types of mind-altering substances. To us, it sounds like a party in the Hollywood hills. To them, it was a Wednesday night.

Photo credit: William Rafti, Wikimedia Commons

3 Woodstock/Summer of Love


Heinrich und Friedl Winter, Wikimedia Commons

These gatherings were rife with music, sex, drugs and partying of epic proportions. People of our generation can’t even begin to rock or party as hard as these fuckers did it…shameful.

Photo credit: Heinrich und Friedl Winter, Wikimedia Commons

2 60s slang


roberthuffstutter, Flickr

A “gas,” to “bogart,” being totally “bummed out” and getting a “five finger discount” are just some of the awesome and unintentionally amusing slang that came from the 1960s. Far out, man.

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1 The Pill

Birth Control Pills

M.Markus, Flickr

An easy way to keep the chick-a-dees of America from going all preg-nation on us, this allowed men to enjoy free love in the best way possible: without a condom. Unfortunately, this also made the 70s the official decade of STDs.

Photo credit: M.Markus, Flickr