Reporter Jenny Dell is dating a Red Sox player—now she’s looking for a new job

Jenny Dell is an attractive sideline reporter for NESN. In the last few days it’s been revealed she’s dating Red Sox infielder Will Middlebrooks. Now she’s looking for a new job. Uh-oh.


According to the Boston Globe, Dell might land a gig with Fox Sports 1.

We’re hearing that NESN Red Sox reporter Jenny Dell is being courted by Fox Sports 1. We wouldn’t be shocked if she took the job: It’s a national gig, and it would allow her to separate her work life and personal life. (Dell is living with Red Sox third baseman Will Middlebrooks.) NESN and Dell haven’t commented about the relationship — or about Dell’s future at the station. Multiple attempts to reach NESN’s spokesperson have been unsuccessful. Dell previously worked at ESPN.

I guess my big question in all of this is…why? As in, why does a sideline reporter need to be unbiased? Why does Jenny Dell need to find a new gig? If it’s because she’s uncomfortable working with her boyfriend—ok, I get it. But if it’s because people don’t think she can “objectively” tell us if a player is injured during a 15-second clip. Uh, what?

Who cares? No seriously, who cares. She’s working for a local station and well, who the hell expects those guys to be objective anyway. Have you heard announcers like Hawk Harrelson? Have you heard Tommy Heinsohn? Those guys aren’t objective, those guys aren’t unbiased. They’re fans in disguise with pretty voices. They’re just like you and me, they want “their” team to win.

I don’t want Jenny Dell to be objective. I don’t need Jenny Dell to be objective.

I expect her to provide me with quick snippets from the game, most of which are meaningless.

“David Ortiz hasn’t shaved in 6 months and there’s a hive of ants in his beard.”
“Xander Bogaerts eats General Tso’s chicken before each plate appearance.”

That’s pretty much what a sideline reporter like Dell does. If she bats an eye in the direction of the home team, so be it. It doesn’t affect her job and it doesn’t affect me, the viewer. At all.