‘Rollie Eggmaster’ is disturbingly intriguing kitchen tool

There are plenty of As Seen on TV products that make you wonder who the hell buys it, and the Rollie Eggmaster definitely belongs in that category. Would you drop $40 on this thing?

The commercial needs far more Vince Shlomi to put me over the edge as a consumer, but I’m still intrigued. I guess I might be that asshole consumer they’re targeting. Making eggs couldn’t be easier and cleaning up after them isn’t that difficult if you’re not a moron. PAM, PAM, more PAM. But the idea of dumping a bunch of stuff in a hole and having it turn into food definitely appeals to my adventurous spirit. If I’m not disgusted by the concept by the end of the day, I may pull the trigger and buy it. Who knows, it could lead to the next episode of Boy the Baker.