Here’s a sneak preview of the unauthorized ‘Saved by the Bell’ movie that Mark-Paul Gosselaar is so pissed about

Zack Morris is a little more than ticked off at his old buddy Screech.

Yesterday on Huffington Post Live, when asked about the forthcoming Saved By the Bell movie based on Dustin Diamond’s autobiography, Mark-Paul Gosselaar said he was less than thrilled and the book was based on a bunch of experience he clearly doesn’t remember from the set of the hit NBC show. And then Breckin Meyer went and called Diamond a “dick” and other unpleasant words.

I think Gosselaar should focus his unhappiness elsewhere, like, at the people who cast the unauthorized Saved by the Bell movie on Lifetime. The kid playing Zack looks like an absolute tool.

Also, the other cast members were WAY HOTTER than these 2014 replicas. Mr. Belding was a stone cold fox. Oh, right, and the original _____ was way hotter too.

That said, it still does look like a “must watch” in the Sharknado-type “hate watch” vein.

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