Smartest Criminal Ever Headed Back To Jail After Texting His Probation Officer Dumbest Request Ever

If you’re on probation there are a lot of crazy rules imposed upon you in addition to the rules that the rest of us have to follow. This genius criminal from Georgia has zero time for useless rules though, he’s just trying to get some of that sticky icky icky!

From WALB:

An Albany man is going back to to prison, after he texted his probation officer while looking to buy marijuana.

Alvin Cross Junior plead guilty Monday to possession of cocaine and was sentenced to one year in prison.

He was also sentenced to serve another year for violating his probation.

Prosecutors said Cross’ probation officer received a text from Cross asking, “You have some weed?”

Probation officers and drug agents raided Cross’ home and found a bag of cocaine.

Soooo not only was it for asking his probation officer to score him some weed, but he also had blow in his home? What kind of probation system are they running down in Albany, GA?!?! Dude’s free to run all over town scoring whatever the hell they want, taking up all the good drugs from the rest of us who aren’t on probation and are able to run around freely to score drugs but when we show up it’s gone because the guys recently released from jail bought up the entire stash to make up for lost time!

I for one am OUTRAGED that he’s hogging up all the drugs from the rest of us who aren’t on probation.


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