Smokey the Bear got a makeover and he’s now Ron Swanson


Smokey the Bear is suddenly looking very much like everyone’s favorite Parks Director from Pawnee.

Smokey, the beloved bear keeping the country’s wildlife safe from fires for over seventy years, got a CGI makeover and he looks a hell of a lot like Park and Recreation’s resident wildlife enthusiast Ron Swanson. Smokey ditched the shirt, is now going bear back, and brandishes a buckle worthy of it’s own CMT award.



He’s still sporting Pharell’s hat, but Smokes has been rocking that head gear since before Williams was a happy accident in his dad’s pocket pistol.

Only you and Smokey can prevent forest fires and do so without a shirt. Actually, only Smokey can do it. Put your shirt back on.

[H/T Esquire]