Songza: A different take on Internet radio

Internet radio is an increasingly popular way to get music. But a lot of Internet stations basically crush you under choice: It’s hard to put together a mixtape. Hence a lot of people resorting to YouTube playlists.



Songza offers a slightly better choice: It offers curated playlists.

It’s pretty simple, really. You open the app and are presented with six choices, usually activities. Which six you see is based on the day and the time in your area. Pick one and it gives you another six choices, generally based around ideas like “Walking Away From Explosions.” Yeah, this is one of those apps with a cheeky sense of humor, but here, it’s not forced.

Choose one that suits your mood, and it offers you a set of playlists. Pick one, and you’re ready to roll. It’s a surprisingly effective method of finding music.

The playlists themselves are well-curated and surprisingly deep and willing to explore the obscure. Generally you can tell if somebody putting together a list is an asinine hipster or a robot, and Songza’s lists are put together by neither, by somebody who really enjoys music.

And, hey, no ads.

Songza [Google Play]