STUDY: Being a virgin for too long will screw with your head forever

Being a virgin sucks. Being a virgin for too long might scar you for life.

A new study University of Washington researcher found that a prolonged period abstinence caused men to exhibit a “lasting sexual confusion” long after the deed was done.

The chaste participants were members of a nondenominational mega-church in the Southwest, where they held a weekly small group to discuss the struggles of sexual temptations. When Diefendorf began studying the men in 2008, she listened as unmarried virgins spoke about sex with great reverence. They called making love “sacred” and premarital relations “beastly.”

Some might say they were putting it on a pedestal.

After a few years, the researcher checked back to find fourteen of the men had since gotten married. She discovered that their lifetimes of fighting sexual desire conditioned them to regard sex as taboo even after the knot had been tied, causing poor communication in the bedroom.

So if you’re thinking of saving it for marriage, HAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

But seriously, don’t do that.

[via Esquire]

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