Sunrise: A calendar app that really works

Sometimes you don’t have to revolutionary to be great; you just have to do your job better than anybody else. Nothing embodies this quite like Sunrise.



On the surface it sounds like other calendar apps: Link it up to your Facebook and Google Calendar, and it’ll put everything you need, like events and birthdays, in one place for you.

The difference really lies in the details. For example, in Sunrise if a meeting or event is tied to a specific location, press a button and Google Maps with detailed directions appear. If you’re looking at your overall day, it’ll have a summary of the weather predictions. If a friend has a birthday and you want to post on their Wall, you can do it without having to close Sunrise. Not sure who you might be meeting for work? It’ll pull their photos from LinkedIn.

In short, it’s an app actually built from the ground up to get you to actually use it. Sure, it won’t magically change your life. But it’ll make it a lot easier. Sunrise is free and currently iOS only.

Sunrise [iTunes]