Taco Bell testing new ‘Waffle Taco’

Taco Bell is the last place I think of for breakfast, but that may change if the new waffle taco goes national. It’s a waffle folded into a taco shell shape and filled with a sausage patty and scrambled eggs. Throw in some syrup and you have the breakfast of champions.


The elusive waffle taco was first spotted by Instagram user Sarah Chavez in Newport Beach, CA and has since turned up in Santa Ana as well. Why does Cali get all the good test products? I like to eat obscure food too, damnit! The test item is currently $.89, and I would pay double that to have one in my hand right now.

The real question we’re probably all asking is, “does it taste good?” Obviously I haven’t had it, but Sarah Chavez seems to think so. She said, “It was awesome!” I don’t know who she is or how she’s qualified to make such a bold statement, but she’s eat Taco Bell for breakfast so she’s good in my book. Call me.