I’ve never wanted to own a gun as badly as I do after watching this video

I currently do NOT own a gun, mainly because they’re expensive and I live in NYC where they’re impossible to get permits for, but after watching this video I really, really want one.


You’ve been warned, regardless of your stance on gun rights you’re going to want to own one after watching this badass video…

Source: reddit

Uhhhhh, I’ll take two please? And to back peddle for a moment, I’m fully aware that you don’t HAVE to put guns inside your tactical walls, and could in fact store whatever you wanted to in there. But where’s the fun in that?

So guys, where do I start? Full disclosure: while I don’t own a gun, I was a Boy Scouts trained riflery instructor, so I’ve got the safety on lockdown. But as for what kind of hardware a first time would buy, I’m clueless….


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