High School Yearbooks Recalled After Absolutely Filthy Quote Is Discovered, Whoever Did This Is My Hero



I want to send some major props to the high school kids with balls big enough to submit yearbook quotes like this. If I tried to pull something like this before graduation not only would I have been expelled they would’ve probably contacted the colleges I got into to tell them I was expelled, and they would’ve made sure every parent at the school knew I was the reason that all the yearbooks were being recalled. Due to this quote below a school was forced to recall all of the yearbooks that had were on sale still, due to logistics they weren’t able to recall the ones that’d already been sold:


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So that one’s about as incredible as it gets, but I have to at least ask you bros, is this yearbook quote better than these two?


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I’m fairly certain that my yearbook quote(s) was some asinine lyric from a Frank Zappa song that nobody but that ‘cool’ art teacher even knew, and I probably thought I was cool for using it even though it was probably stupid as shit.

I went to a small school prep school in Florida, my high school graduating class was only 28, needless to say we all knew each other intimately. If one of us snuck in a yearbook quote like this I bet you my entire graduating class would still be talking about it well over a decade later. So again, major props to whoever had the big enough balls to sneak this quote into their school yearbook.

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