‘Take On Memes’ Is The Best/Worst Music Video Ever Created And I Absolutely Love/Hate It

by 2 years ago

I love this video so much and yet I can’t stand its guts. I’ve got my Ph.D. in the shit posting of memes, and you know this already if you’ve spent any considerable amount of time reading BroBible. I’m that dude who posts the daily ‘Best Damn Photos‘ round-ups of funny pics and memes (pronounced ‘May May’ by Bryce Harper).

Somehow I’ve tricked the system into getting paid to find, gather, and curate memes on a daily basis. It’s fucking amazing. And it’s also why I both love the shit out of this ‘Take on Memes’ video and simultaneously want to scrub its existence from the Internet.

But if I had to choose which direction I was leaning more, love or hate, I’d say that I probably love ‘Take on Memes’ more than I despise every fiber of its being and I’m only saying this because I cannot stop watching it. It’s addictive. Like the first time I came across the ‘just fuck my shit upbarber memes (a long time favorite of mine), or how most people felt in the past month when they first discovered the Joe Biden memes which have actually been around for several years.

Big shout out to @KyleOrangio for sending this video my way!

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